Beech Tree Labs, Inc. specializes in the discovery and early-stage development of pharmaceutical formulations that address chronic disorders. The Company’s lead product candidate is BTL-slo, an agent that targets adhesions, scars, and fibrosis.

An IND has been filed to use BTL-slo in a clinical trial focusing on treatment of adhesions arising from total knee replacement surgery. To date there are no other pharmacological options approved or in development to treat these adhesions. Total peak year sales of BTL-slo for knee and other surgical adhesions are estimated at $1.2 billion. Patents have issued in the U.S. and in major international markets for many of these indications.

Enhancing its economic value, BTL-slo has been combined with another molecule, BTL-stcf, and patented for the treatment of COPD. The current market for drugs to treat COPD reaches $11 billion worldwide, even though these drugs only treat the symptoms of the disease. Beech Tree’s drug candidate could be the first with a mechanism of action to slow or even reverse scarring and loss of lung function, with projected peak year sales of $4.4 billion worldwide.

Additional product candidates include BTL-tml, an anti-viral demonstrating efficacy for herpesvirus infections and BTL-hs, a formulation addressing muscle weakness disorders such as urinary incontinence.

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