A unique aspect of Beech Tree Labs (BTL) that distinguishes it from biotech start-ups is the amount of technology, and the corresponding number of indications, it owns. This level of proven capability is the result of the efforts of its founder and president, John McMichael, Ph.D., and the network of practicing physicians, medical scientists, and business people he has developed over decades of investigating Resonant Molecular Signaling therapies.

In 1993, Dr. McMichael, an immunologist and virologist, founded Milkhaus Laboratory, Inc. (MLI), a for-profit biopharmaceutical company specializing in low-dosage medicines which produce placebo-level adverse effects, meaning that subjects in the experimental groups experienced negative responses at levels commensurate with the control groups. In other words, the adverse effects could not be attributed to RMS. MLI completed several successful FDA, USDA, and IRB-authorized clinical evaluations of products for the treatment of respiratory, urologic, and oncologic disorders. In great measure, this success can be attributed to Dr. McMichael’s network which allows for the unusually efficient discovery and evaluation of potential new therapeutic products. The expertise of this multi-disciplinary team is evidenced by a growing portfolio of more than 100 issued patents and twice that number of patents pending worldwide, most of which MLI has assigned to Beech Tree Labs, and which are in addition to BTL’s own expanding portfolio.

Characterizing the success of this approach, MLI’s patent position led to a licensing agreement with Élan Corporation, plc, a multi-national pharmaceutical company. Under that agreement, Élan obtained rights to MLI’s intellectual property relating to the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Élan then embodied that technology in FDA-authorized clinical trials.

In 2004, after the MLI Board of Directors decided to focus the company’s efforts toward nutraceutical products of botanical origin, Dr. McMichael founded BTL in order to continue his efforts in de veloping a range of potential therapeutic products. Beech Tree Labs is positioned to enable the discovery and early-stage development of these agents which can then be licensed to appropriate company partners who complete the required clinical and regulatory work in order to bring products to market.


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