Beech Tree Labs' Oral Herpes Trial Begins

Release Date: 
September 14, 2010

Providence, RI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Beech Tree Labs, Inc. announced today that it has initiated a Phase 1/2a clinical evaluation of its novel therapeutic agent for treating recurrent oral herpes infections. This FDA-approved study is a 210 patient, multi-site, placebo-controlled trial of its agent BTL-TML-HSV.

According to WHO and CDC statistics, over 80 percent of the population have oral herpes with about 20 percent of these expressing symptoms. In addition, one of four adults has genital herpes, with the incidence steadily increasing. Treatment options for herpes are limited.

Beech Tree's founder and CEO, Dr. John McMichael said, "While our initial clinical focus in on oral herpes, we have evidence that suggests our patented agent may address a broad range of herpesvirus indications." He went on to say, "The active agent is also embodied in a product candidate that recently received FDA approval of an IND targeting influenza, reflecting a growing anti-viral platform." Patient enrollment for the influenza trial will begin at the onset of the upcoming flu season.

Beech Tree Labs is a privately held biopharmaceutical company, a leader in molecular signaling technology with an extensive patent portfolio that includes other potential therapeutics targeting a broad spectrum of chronic disorders. The Company specializes in discovery and early-stage development through Phase 2 clinical trials and out-licenses to larger pharmaceutical and biotech firms for continued evaluation and marketing. In furthering its partnership outreach, Beech Tree is attending BioPharm America 2010 being held this week in Boston.

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