• August 15, 2014: Expanding Patent Portfolio

    Beech Tree Labs was recently issued US and European patents for the use of BTL-SLO to inhibit cancer metastasis. SLO is a single molecule which is a non-toxic form of a common bacterial toxin. Demonstrating the versatility of agents in Beech Tree's novel Resonant Molecular Signaling platform, an IND application to investigate the use of SLO for complications arising from total knee replacement is being prepared. Beech Tree now holds over 100 issued patents with a significant number pending worldwide.

  • March 24, 2014: The Resonant Molecular Signaling Discovery Engine

    Beech Tree Labs is ushering in an entirely new approach to treating disease along with enhancing the medical science understanding of how the body works.

    Over decades of research, Beech Tree Labs’ investigators developed the Resonant Molecular Signaling (RMS) platform, an innovative approach to treating disease. Sixteen successful FDA-authorized clinical trials for a variety of disease indications, a list of scientific publications, numerous animal-model studies, and a portfolio consisting of more than 150 issued patents attest to the efficacy of the agents comprising this platform. Only placebo-level adverse events were noted in each of the above mentioned trials, thereby indicating a highly desirable safety profile.

    As measured by past, present, and planned clinical trials, Beech Tree now manages a powerful discovery engine that routinely targets new approaches to treating difficult diseases. For example, a recently completed trial centered on urinary incontinence, a trial in progress focuses on oral herpes, a trial in the planning stages concerns complications from total knee replacement, and another planned trial focuses on muscular dystrophy.

    RMS formulations are characterized by the administration of precise physiological doses of a molecule or combination of molecules, depending on the disease. The underlying theory of RMS is that a healthy state is marked by normal signaling within and between cells while disease is caused by disruption of this norm. Accordingly, the mechanisms underlying these formulations are different than current pharmacological approaches to product discovery. The goal of RMS therapies is to interrupt pathophysiology by selective molecular intervention—thereby restoring normal regulatory function via cellular signaling rather than by the attack-and-destroy approach commonly used with pharmaceuticals, a process that often produces adverse effects.

  • January 3, 2014: Jeffrey Eckmann Joins Board of Directors

    Beech Tree Labs is pleased to announce the appointment of Jeffrey Eckmann to the Board of Directors. Now retired, Jeff Eckmann served as Group President for Reynolds American, Inc., where he had responsibility for four of RAI’s five business units.  More information on Mr. Eckmann and our Board of Directors may be found at Board of Directors.

  • September 13, 2013: BioPharm America Conference

    Thomas Hatch, Beech Tree's head of business development, is giving a presentation on BTL-tml for treatment of recurrent oral herpes at the BioPharm America 2013 Conference in Boston September 19th, 2013.  The presentation will include a report of the results of the Company's phase 2a study from 2012, outline the phase 2b study that is currently under way and will detail the Company's plans for further clinical development and eventual commercialization of BTL-tml.  Beech Tree is actively seeking a partner to further develop BTL-tml.

  • July 10, 2013: IND Phase 2b Oral Herpes Trial Begins

    Beech Tree Labs has initiated an IND Phase 2b trial for recurrent oral herpes. This follows a successful Phase 1/2a trial which demonstrated efficacy and safety of BTL-TML-HSV for treating recurrent symptomatic oral herpes virus infection following a dental procedure. This Phase 2b, 100 patient trial will evaluate this agent’s ability to abort lesion appearance from UV-induced cold sores when initiated at the time when itching, burning, and/or rash (prodrome) occur.

  • June 28, 2013: John Ross Joins Board of Directors

    Beech Tree Labs is pleased to announce the appointment of John Ross to the Board of Directors. Spanning a 42-year career, Mr. Ross held senior management and executive level positions in sales, marketing, and market access strategies with medical technology companies such as Baxter, Biomet, Medtronic and Kinetic Concepts. More information on Mr. Ross and our Board of Directors may be found at Board of Directors.

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