Focusing on discovery and early-stage development, Beech Tree Labs strives to address unmet medical needs affecting the lives of millions of people.


     • viral infections (Covid-19, Herpes, Influenza, HPV)
     • diseases of the central nervous system (traumatic brain injury, dementia, ALS, Parkinson)
     • inflammation and fibrosis (COPD, asthma, allergy, cirrhosis).

Using a novel therapeutic platform known as Resonant Molecular Signaling (RMS), for over 40 years physicians and scientists associated with Beech Tree have been developing formulations that regulate the body’s signals to restore healthy equilibrium. RMS uses naturally occurring molecules in low concentrations to interrupt pathogenesis of diseases.

Individual therapeutic agents have been shown effective against more than one disorder. For example, Beech Tree’s antiviral, BTL-tml, addresses Covid-19, Influenza, and Herpes infections. As evaluated in formal clinical trials, RMS targets are specific enough to avoid adverse effects. Successful trials lead to licensing products to larger companies that can bring them to market.